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Friday, May 14, 2010


It's been a while. I have a tumblr now,, so I don't really update this mess anymore. I think Sara Allen and Mom are the only people who even read this thing anymore, and frankly, I don't have anything good to discuss as of late. LET's just say that my car needs to drive itself off the side of a mountain. I hate it so much, and it has been nothing but STRESS STRESS lately. So I don't wanna harsh anyone's buzz with that talk. Here's a pic of me as of tonight:

God my cheeks are so huge. I look like a gerbil. As you can plainly see, I am trying to grow my bangs out again. I just can't find a style that highlights all the features in the best way possible. It's like my hair DOESN'T want me to be great. Anyway, there I am. That shirt I am wearing is so cute. I got it at the thrift store a few weeks ago, and it is a vintage JC Penny gem. The pattern is super sweet - red with yellow white and blue flowers speckled all over. It's got a Pettycoat Junction thang going on, and I'm into it.

Well, I guess that's all I really got. Motha, thanks for the devoted reading. I love ya.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pizza Partay

Today Chris and I went to Pisa Pizza. I had never been before, and today was the last day it was open. Apparently there just wasn't enough business and they can't afford to say open. It was kind of sad in there cause all the people seemed bummed (obvs), but I am super glad I got to see it and eat it once. Here we are waiting to feast!

Chris and his iphone. typical.

Here we have me just chillin' in my sailboat romper. I got it at a super cute store named Leo Vintage. It reminds me a lot of Local Honey in Nashville, but it has a screen printing shop in it as well. SUPER cool.

Here's the pizza! It was seriously tasty. I'm not sure if I thought so just because I knew this was the only time I would ever be able to eat it, but I thought it was very delish. It was very tomato-y.
Even Mockingbirds like Pizza. This one got on the table next to us and got a bite. I was gonna shoo it away at first, but then I realized that he just wanted some pizza and I couldn't blame him. So we ate pizza together.

Afterward we went to Clumpie's ice cream where Chris got strawberry! See him holding it up like he is proud of it?? I like this picture because it makes me think of a scene from Opryland. That is a carousel in the background.

And I got lemon cream. It was very good. I would get it again. We went to Coolidge Park to eat our desserts because it was so nice outside. Two people got shot there a few weekends ago, but it is pretty nice. I need a haircut.

So that was our pleasant day. I am very sad to see Pisa Pizza leaving, but maybe something even cooler will open up when they are gone.

In other news, I had to drop 600 dollars on my car yesterday, so I am very bummed. Chris is also leaving for a week to go on a business trip to Vegas, so I am gonna be lonely, too. I wanna go to Vegas so bad!!! Hopefully Chris will bring me back a good souvenir. Maybe I'll get around to some sewing projects I have been ignoring for a while. Okay I am boring myself now, so I think that's enough for now

Monday, April 19, 2010

i got my laptop cover!

check it out:

It's so cute! It's very Holly Hobby, and is cut from genuine 70's contact brand paper. Sunshine over at blogfullofjelly made it for me, and I can't believe how lucky I was to receive this treasure. Check out her blog, because she is a fashion demi-god as far as I'm concerned. And super nice, too! I'd call her a SHERO for sure (shout out to Sara Allen *again* for introducing me to that word. hero + female = shero. It's a normal part of my vocab now). So many clothes I want to have/fit into. ANYWAY!!! I love this enough to blog about it. It's kinda like Christmas in April?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

i want a cat

Okay, I "technically" already have a cat. She lives at my parents house, and she is about 14 years old. But that doesn't mean I still don't love kittens. I think if you are a girl and you act like kittens aren't cute or cool, then you aren't really a girl. Look at this one:

He's so sleepy! It's like having a tiny version of a wild jungle cat living in your home. I like cats cause they just do their thang, unlike dogs who constantly need a reminder of their validity to you. So here's to you, kittens. If it wasn't 300 bucks to even have an animal in this crappy apartment complex, I'd have 10 of you!

In other news, I think I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder area, and have resorted to using bengay. Does that mean I am getting old? Or just pathetic? Either way, I am doing a lot of chillin and about to watch THE PROTECTOR! Only one of the most killer kung-fu jams out there. Wanna taste?

I know. Look. This is all I'm gonna say: A BABY ELEPHANT GETS TOSSED LIKE A FRISBEE IN THIS MOVIE. AND THERE IS A 6 MIN. CONTINUOUS SHOT FIGHT SCENE. And I would be yelling all of this if I were explaining this to you in person. It's a Thai movie, and Tarantino got it released in America. Tony Jaa is so awesome and fast. If you haven't seen it, at least youtube the fight scene. It is super awesome.
Also, Chris and I went for an epic walk today. We went to Good Dog, as usual, for a tasty lunch, then we walked across the recently re-opened pedestrian bridge, hung out outside the Art Museum and sat in the sunshine for a while. We took a pretty good pic of me with a wooden pony:

Then we went to Rembrandt 's in the Art District and sat outside where we had a couple of iced coffees and a piece of reese's cheesecake that was DELICIOUS. I can't resist treats no matter what I do. I think I just need to accept being on the thick side because I love sweets so much. Anyway, it has been a beautiful day. Here's to next week being 8-5 and hating it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hello, my name is rachel...

and i am a television addict. Here is what is on the line up for tonight. I can't even believe this night of television. Check it:

We start this evening out with everyone's favorite, DWTS! Only this year, the only thing worth paying attention to is how broke off Kate Gosslin's weave is, and trying to guess what kind of pills Pam Anderson is probably on during the show. I don't really even know who anyone is this year other than those two. But I do love me a good mambo. a waltz is pretty sweet, too. Tonight some australian dude went home, so thankfully there will be no more of Edita and her mostly naked body to make me question my validity as a woman.

Next up: 16 & Preggo. I feel kind of bad when I watch this because there are girls straight up ruining their entire lives. I really appreciate my God fearing parents when I see how hard they all screwed up... but that doesn't keep me from watching some other folk make a big mess of their young adulthood. I'm actually about to see a girl named Lizzie about to get pregnant, cheated on, and stuck with a kid before she graduates. right?!?! All I am gonna say is that young dude do NOT wanna kick it with a baby. I think that's what they should tell girls in teen living class. moving on.

Hey Kendra! I don't have a lot to say about this, other than Kendra still manages to be a Boss even though she just had a babe. She struggles with her body after she has the kid, and it totally makes me feel like even Kendra understands how it feels to hate your thighs. She's a real girl, and I would give anything to be her friend. Go Kendra!

And finally, Tiny and Toya. T.I.'s fiancee and Lil Wayne's ex wife. I did a post on them a while back, and tonight their second season starts back up!!!! My tivo is straight up on fire right now with the hotness. These girls are for real, cause you know T.I. doesn't play. Every white girl needs to have at LEAST a couple of strong black female role models... so your welcome!!!

These are my suggestions for curing a very boring and lonely tuesday night.

In other news, I am currently holding it down in the work place, and my plants are really thriving outside. I am also getting a haircut tomorrow. Also, I am currently awaiting a package from Sunshine over at and I can't believe it. She put up a post about making laptop covers, i holla-ed at her, and voila! dreams came true. I'll be putting that on blast immediately upon arrival.

one love!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


I've been doing a lot of hanging out in Goodlettsville lately. This means that my niece wants to play with photobooth every single time i get my computer out. So, I am taking this chance to showcase how cute she is!!! PLEASE look at this mess:
She had a birthday last weekend, and that was a little something like this:

It was a Minnie Mouse party, and it was off the hook. Please try to act like that isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen. I love her so much, and I hope her second year on this miserable earth is as beautiful as she is.

Now. I am going to chill in my old room, and go through some old clothes to see if I can't uncover some lost jewels.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

suck it, uncle sam!

I got my tax return today, and I actually got a RETURN! I can't believe it, cause I thought I would have to pay about 2 g's I had saved up. So long story short, this lil hood rat is gonna try to go to Europe! I haven't ever been, so now is my chance to make my dreams come true. In celebration, I say we get into some hippy shit cause I have come to terms with this song:


Please excuse the acoustic set instead of the bee girl vid. I couldn't find one that would let me post, bitchy. I don't approve of what you begot, Blind Melon. God save me if I ever have to hear the Panic anytime soon. But you take me there, guys. I want the 90's back, just put away the hemp jewelry.


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